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What's new in 6.4.IDA: Changes for the build 6.4.130306 Be sure to check out the latest version of IDA, as it contains quite a few new features and changes. This page lists all the changes from the previous version to the new release and the build number you should use to load it. You can also find a detailed overview of the newest version of IDA in the IDA Help Center. - Changed the table view support to work with no-clipping mode for all graphics modes (80x25, 60x30, and 40x30) in GUI mode, and for graphics modes, 80x25, 60x30, and 40x30, in GUI - New registers section on the top menu bar with "watch", "instructions", "profile", and "clear" - New "view" menu option: "clear margins", and the icon of "tools" button has been changed to "clear" - "Search" has been removed from menu items and "Search with/without" is in new "search menu" - Removed "Saved searches" on the context menu - If the "IDE Options" tab is selected in the "View" menu, it will now show the current "IDE options", instead of "IDE Options" (before) - When you select "Delete all settings" in "View" menu, it will now write all of the settings back to the corresponding settings files. - In the Preferences dialog, checkbox for "Show release notes on the menu bar" - Added "Toggle info mode" button in the help menu bar - You can now type in edit mode in the disassembly window - Added "IDE Options" tab to the Preferences dialog - Updated "Change IDA binary" on the main menu - The main menu has now a new background image. - Added "Toggle help" button to the menu bar - When the "Search" command is enabled and "Search mode" is "Recursive" in the "Search with" dialog, the search will now look for symbols recursively. - Added menu item for loading various IDA fonts. - Added "Change IDA font" on the main menu.



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Ida Pro 6.4 Crack Torrent nirvrea

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